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50 Fun Facts About Law For 50 Years of SPOE

Smith, Paulson, O’Donnell & Erickson is a legal team known in the business for experience, vitality and enthusiasm advocating for our clients. This year, we’re celebrating 50 years of legal practice. And with a combined 138 years of legal experience, we know our stuff.


To celebrate 50 years, here are 50 fun facts about the law you may not know:


  1. Mosquitos aren’t just annoying. In Minnesota, they are legally declared a public nuisance.
  2. In Utah, it’s legal to marry your first cousin – as long as you’re both over age 65.
  3. Don’t double park your car in Minneapolis. A law on the books there states you’ll be put on a chain gang with only bread and water to eat.
  4. Dyersburg, Tennessee, has a fairly old-fashioned law in which it’s illegal for a girl to call a boy to ask for a date.
  5. In Blue Earth, Minnesota, it’s illegal for children under age 12 to talk on the telephone.
  6. California law prohibits licking toads.
  7. In Minnesota, it’s illegal to stand in a building without a reason to be there.
  8. Cottage Grove, Minnesota law prevents people from landing airplanes in city parks.
  9. Sleep naked? In Minnesota, that’s a crime.
  10. It is illegal to walk down alleyways in Minneapolis.
  11. In Tennessee, it is illegal for an atheist to hold a political office.
  12. Placing tacks on a sidewalk is a prank. But in Minnetonka, Minnesota, it’s also considered a public nuisance.
  13. In St. Cloud, Minnesota, hamburgers cannot legally be eaten on Sundays.
  14. Wilbur, Washington law prohibits riding an ugly horse.
  15. In Hibbing, Minnesota, police officers must kill stray cats.
  16. You can’t legally drive a motorcycle shirtless in Minnesota.
  17. It was once illegal in Athens, Greece to verbally insult someone.
  18. Until 2001, oral sex was illegal in Minnesota.
  19. In one Colorado county, it’s illegal to kiss a woman while she’s asleep.
  20. Texas banned Encyclopedia Britannica because it contained a recipe for making beer.
  21. “Smelly people” can’t legally ride streetcars in the city of Atlanta, Georgia.
  22. In Australia, you can’t name an animal you’ll later eat.
  23. Three times is fine, but in Kentucky, it is illegal to remarry the same man four times.
  24. Birds have the right-of-way on public highways in Utah.
  25. Dueling is legal in Paraguay.
  26. It is illegal in Kentucky to carry ice cream in your pocket.
  27. Better hope your bathtub has feet. In Minnesota, it’s illegal for it to be without.
  28. Switzerland still requires citizens to have access to bomb shelters.
  29. In St. Louis, Missouri, it is illegal for firefighters to rescue women who are less than fully clothed.
  30. Children need a license in Tennessee to play games on Sundays.
  31. A woman’s hair belongs to her husband in Michigan.
  32. Florida law requires anyone who takes a bath to be fully clothed.
  33. Ohio used to prohibit buying ice cream on Sundays.
  34. In one Idaho county, it is illegal to walk down the street with another man’s wife.
  35. In Zeigler, Illinois, only the first four firefighters on the scene get paid.
  36. Children must have a doctor’s note in Montana to buy a lollipop.
  37. Women in housecoats cannot drive cars in California.
  38. In Morrisville, Pennsylvania, women need a permit to wear makeup.
  39. Flirt in Little Rock, Arkansas and you could land in jail for 30 days.
  40. It is illegal to grow dandelions in Pueblo, Colorado.
  41. In Alaska it is legal to shoot bears.
  42. Colorado law prohibits a man from marrying his wife’s grandmother.
  43. In Waco, Texas it is illegal to throw a banana peel on the street.
  44. Massachusetts once had a law that allowed parents to put to death a rebellious son.
  45. Christmas was outlawed in Massachusetts in 1659.
  46. Law in Cottage Grove, Minnesota, prohibits residents of even numbered addresses from watering their plants on odd-numbered days.
  47. Tennessee law says you can’t drive a car while sleeping.
  48. Ostrich steaks are exempt from sales tax in California.
  49. In Minnetonka, Minnesota, it’s a misdemeanor to convince someone to see a massage therapist after 11 p.m.
  50. Before 1920, women could not legally vote in the United States. Susan B. Anthony was famously fined $100 for doing so.