How to Keep Your Spirits Up After An Injury

While it may be tempting to binge-watch Netflix movies throughout your recovery phase, keeping your mind active and focused on a productive task will keep your spirits up following an injury. Is there a task that you have been putting off? Now may be the perfect time to finally organize your finances, de-clutter your life, or refocus on your personal priorities for the new year.

Track Your Progress

While aiming to stay productive, actively track the progress of your recovery. Ask your physical therapists about your recovery process and how you can keep track of your progress. Take initiative in understanding what your body is going through and how you can recover in a healthy way. Keeping a journal during this time can help you reflect on what you are physically and mentally enduring.

Discover New Interests

Perhaps you want to use this productive time to engage in mentally stimulating and creative pursuits. Push yourself to take that online course, to write that novel, or to sketch some pictures. You can always expand your mind, even if you are sidelined on the couch.

Make Connections

The recovery process for an injury is different for everyone. To help you find the motivation to recover, connect with someone who understands what you are going through. Find someone who can help keep you motivated and who will hold you accountable for pushing yourself to recover. This might be someone at your physical therapy sessions or a support group. These connections may be a vital component on the road to recovery.


Whatever the nature of your injury, now may be the perfect time to reflect on your life. Do you need to slow down or change courses? Many individuals recovering from an injury look to yoga or meditation, and for good reason. Yoga can help you rebuild muscle, regain flexibility, and soothe the body. Meditation allows you the time to relax and recenter.

Recovering from an injury is a physically exhausting and emotionally draining process. Aim to keep your mind active and productive. Seek out resources that can help you remain positive such as this article on additional ways to stay positive during an injury.

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