Changes to Minnesota's Spousal Maintenance Laws

A change in a Minnesota state law known as Spousal Maintenance, or alimony, has many divorced couples thinking about their futures. Our Divorce Attorney Jake Erickson discusses the details about this change more in-depth and how it will affect individuals in live-in relationships:

There has been a significant change to Minnesota’s spousal support law. The change makes it so that if the person receiving maintenance is living with a long term significant other, the person paying maintenance can ask to have maintenance reduced. This will not eliminate future maintenance payments the way that it normally would if the person receiving maintenance remarried, but it is a factor that the person paying maintenance can use to try to reduce payments, even down to zero.

If you are paying maintenance, and the former spouse receiving maintenance has moved in with a long-term significant other, but avoided getting married to keep the payments coming in, then it is time to speak with your attorney to see if this change in the law can give you some financial relief.

– Jake Erickson

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