Family Law Options from SPOE Lawyers

If you know someone who has gone through a divorce, then you know someone who has experience with family law.

Generally, family law covers divorce, custody, and child support. Each case is unique and it is important that both parties choose a law practice with the knowledge and experience necessary to handle any situation.

Litigation is sometimes necessary when you are divorcing, however, the lawyers at Smith Paulson O’Donnell & Erickson will make every effort to allow you to keep control over the outcome of your divorce through the use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Why Should I use Alternative Dispute Resolution?

The lawyers at Smith Paulson O’Donnell & Erickson partner with you to work toward a settlement of your divorce issues through alternative dispute resolution. In addition to being a quicker and typically more informal process than litigation, it is also more cost-efficient. ADR involves both parties working together, with the assistance of their attorneys to reach an agreement. Although the couple who is getting divorced won’t agree on everything, ADR allows them to maintain control over their children and finances and prevents a Judge from making a decision for them. ADR is not only used at the time of the divorce but is also often used when issues arise after the divorce is final.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a form of ADR that involves the parties in the divorce making their own decisions, with the assistance of a mediator. Although the mediator may provide evaluative opinions and make suggestions to assist the parties to come to an agreement that works for them, they are not able to make any decisions or issue an order.

What is Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE)?

ENE is a confidential, voluntary, evaluative process designed to facilitate prompt dispute resolution in custody, parenting time (visitation), and financial matters. The program offers the evaluative impressions of experienced professionals to parties engaged in custody, parenting time, and financial disputes. Feedback is provided to parties and their attorneys based on case presentations and a limited amount of information gathering.

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At Smith Paulson O’Donnell & Erickson, we know that each situation is as unique as the people involved. This is why our experienced and educated lawyers will work with you to determine what is the best option for you.